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We would like to thank everyone for their care and support throughout this difficult time.

Your Prayers and kind words have been of such comfort to the family and members of the organization.

The Nite Train Express has always been committed to our causes, the loss of this sweet soul will not change our determination.  We will not only continue to serve as we always have, we pledge to honor Gage's memory by working harder to uphold his legacy. We know that we now have an Angel on all our shoulder's, and we will make him proud.


If you would like to post a message about Gage, to the family or simply sign his Memorial Page , please use the form below. We will do our best to get them posted in a timely manor.

Thank you for your kind words!

Messages will appear below!

"Your wings were ready, our hearts were not."

We think of you everyday and miss your sweet smiling face

-Heidi Gabbert

On April 26th 2019, in the early hours an Angel left his earth bound body to live among the stars. 
The inspiration and passion behind The Nite Train Express, Gage Gesell, fought his last lifelong battle within his own body and lost. Gage,
beautiful in spirit and smiles was diagnosed with Angelman's Syndrome at an early age. His battle was fought twice as hard by his loving, devoted parents Michael "Train" Gesell and Angie Wilson Gesell and siblings, Gunner and Lexi Gesell.

Gage loved motorcycles, rock and roll music, his dog Cowboy and food!!
He loved his family and he loved being involved. Gage inspired people more than he knew, he brought bikers to their knees. 

Everyone loved him! 
Today we are reminded how painfully short and fragile life is... Gage is no longer in pain... that is what we bear now.
As we remember Gage and his family you can't help but feel like you just need more... more time...

Spend some time with your family and Gage's family... you will feel him there.
If you feel like you want to hear his laughter just one more time...

laugh with those who laughed with Gage ... you will hear him.
If you need just one more hug, hug some one Gage hugged.... you will feel his strength....
if you need just one more sweet Gage kiss... kiss someone who loved Gage and you will feel his love there.
Gage your legacy lives on... we will never let that spirit die. The Nite Train Express will roll on in your memory...
Good night Sweet Prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest....

Beautifully written by- Anny Barker

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