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Oak Park School!!!

Amazing day at Oak Park School! 39 Classrooms received not just the supplies they needed, but supplies that catered to specific students. To see the faces of these students light up the room when they see that what their teacher asked for was just for them. so humbling and satisfying. As I was flipping through the pictures on Facebook and reading the comments and banter between the board members, one specific comment was brought to my attention. I want to share them with you because I can't think of a more clever or perfect way to describe why the Nite Train Express exists, and why those involved spend countless hours, taking time of work, and giving up weekends to ensure the success of our organization.

"'s very humbling and rewarding."

"...I ain't gonna lie, my eyes sprung a leak!"

"...That only happens when your heart is truly involved!"

They might growl at me for sharing this, but wow, truly profound thought.

I also want to share with you some of what you don't often get to see. the smiles on the teachers faces and the thanks they have for all of you! You...who have donated money! You...who have come out to all our events to participate or simply support! You...who wear or shirts, and you.... who make all this possible

!!! Thank you, we couldn't do this with out you!!!

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